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      Suzhou CNC precision parts center - [Quanxu technology]

      Author:Sumitech Date:2022-03-22

      Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., the allowance of the light knife should be reasonable, so that the smoothness of the workpiece and the service life of the tool will be better. Before machining precision parts, check whether the tool swings within the allowable tolerance range with a calibration meter. The tool head and locking nozzle should be blown clean with wind or wiped with cloth before machining. Too dirty will have a certain impact on the accuracy and quality of the workpiece. When clamping, pay attention to whether the name and model of the precision parts processing workpiece and the program sheet are the same, whether the material size matches, whether the clamping height is high enough, and use a caliper to count. The program list of precision parts processing shall be consistent with the direction of the reference angle marked on the die, and then check whether the 3D drawing is correct, especially for the workpiece that has been drilled with water transportation. Be sure to see whether the 3D drawing is consistent with the water transportation of the workpiece. If it is unclear, timely feed back to the programmer or find a fitter to check the 2D drawing to see whether the 2D and 3D reference angles are consistent. The program list of precision part processing documents shall be standardized, including mold number, name, program name, processing content, tool size, feed quantity, especially the safe length of tool clamping, reserved allowance of each program and light knife.

      CNC precision parts are written into the program in the form of instructions. Cutting parameters include spindle speed, back feed and feed rate. The first stop of precision machinery hardware processing, our company specializes in precision machinery parts processing and automation equipment spare parts processing. In precision machining spare parts, they often come into contact with metal spring steel.

      It is a kind of good elastic steel. Under the condition of quenching and tempering, the elastic stress is used to process and manufacture springs and elastic components and accessories, such as the chuck number of mechanical accessories.

      After the specified load is removed, the spring will not undergo permanent deformation. The special elastic material of spring steel material is also used in many non-standard automation equipment parts.

      For different machining methods, different cutting parameters need to be selected. When programming precision parts, the programmer must determine the cutting parameters of each process, including spindle speed, back draft, feed speed, etc., and input them into the program in the format specified by the NC system. The cutting quantity of precision parts processing. For different processing methods, different cutting parameters need to be selected. Reasonable selection of cutting parameters has a great impact on the surface quality, accuracy and machining efficiency of parts. This is also difficult to grasp in practice. Only with rich practical experience can we determine the appropriate cutting parameters. In NC programming, only the experience of the programmer and the recommended value of cutting parameters of the tool can be used for preliminary determination, while the final cutting parameters will be determined according to the debugging results of the part NC program and the actual machining situation. The principle of selecting precision machining parameters is to improve the productivity of rough machining parts.