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      Welcome to the website of Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd!
      Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
      About Us
      Professional to provide customers with various precision parts
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      About Us

      Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
      Specification, performance and high quality Dedication, honesty, pragmatism and enterprising, initiative and team unity

      Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

        Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Ruijing precision hardware factory in Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, was founded in 2007. It is located in Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, close to Tong'an hub and Dongqiao hub, Wuxi New Area, national highway 312, Beijing Shanghai (Huning) Expressway, S58 expressway, S9 Suzhou Shaoxing expressway, s83 Taihu Lake expressway, Suzhou central North line and Sunan Shuofang airport. The transportation and logistics are very convenient, The surrounding high-quality supporting industrial chains such as surface electroplating, anodizing and heat treatment are complete and mature. It is your ideal partner.

      The company focuses on high-precision mechanical manufacturing and processing, supplemented by integrated output, and provides customers with high-quality and fast integrated output services. It is a high-quality supplier of core institutional parts in semiconductor, thermal imaging, aerospace, ground to air communication, thermal technology, sports medicine, beauty instruments, food machinery, precision instruments, wharf machinery and other industries at home and abroad. It is one of the global subsidiaries of General Electric (GE) and the suppliers of McDonald's and Starbucks in the central region.

      Quanxu technology has 1600 square meters of Suzhou Xiangcheng workshop (ready to move to Jiangsu Yixing frame Park, 15 mu of self purchased land, under decoration) and 800 square meters of Wuzhong workshop, complete production equipment and inspection instruments, stable high-quality and efficient engineering technology team and management team, so as to provide customers with fast and high-quality in-depth part processing, industrial automation and convenient manufacturing solutions.

      Keeping improving is our main idea of business, and creating value for customers is the original intention of Quan Xu's team. As always, we will uphold the business philosophy of "integrity and reliability, efficiency and convenience, value sharing, mutual benefit and win-win" and provide customers with continuously competitive value-added services.