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      Suzhou [precision machining] looking for Quanxu Technology_ Ten years of focus_ Quality assurance

      Author:Sumitech Date:2022-03-22

      Precision machining is a process of changing the overall dimension or performance of the workpiece with machining machinery. According to the temperature state of the workpiece to be processed, it is divided into cold processing and hot processing. It is generally processed at normal temperature without causing chemical or phase changes of the workpiece, which is called cold processing.

      Generally, the processing above or below the normal temperature will cause the chemical or phase change of the workpiece, which is called hot processing. Cold working can be divided into cutting and pressure machining according to the difference of machining methods. Hot working commonly includes heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.

      The company has CNC machining center, medical parts processing, 5-axis parts processing, CNC precision parts processing, precision machining, stainless steel parts processing plant, semiconductor parts processing and other advanced processing and testing equipment, and has passed iso9001:2015 certification. It specializes in providing customers with CNC machining, mechanical parts processing, non-standard parts processing, CNC lathe processing, fixture, fixture design and production, etc.

      With the rising of economy and survival, the number of cars is also rising. When we see so many cars, we can't help but realize the huge output behind the scenes of the manufacturer. There is no doubt that China's mold industry has led the progress of the automobile industry. What impact does the mold have on the automobile production, and what requirements does the automobile production industry have for the mold industry.

      The advantage of using molds is that they can reduce costs, save time, raise production efficiency, and enable enterprises to remain invincible in today's fierce competition. However, now the mold is used in automobile production, or plastic components, lamps, steel shell and other accessories. The real automobile heart mobilization machine still adopts cutting skills, not mold skills.

      Unless the mobilization machine can not adopt the die technology, the crankshaft used in automobile can not adopt this technology. Why? We all know that the components that adopt mold forming skills have a certain habit. It itself requires thin measurement and a certain forming. For components with thickness and diameter such as crankshaft and connecting rod, it is difficult to use die stamping. At present, what can be adopted at most is to make the rough embryo of the crankshaft with a mold first, and then adopt cutting for finish machining.

      When the machining accuracy is very high, the mold often has more than enough heart and less force. The precision of today's fine molds is roughly in the range of 0.1 ~ 0.01 mm. Compared with the previous molds, the precision was once a big step higher. However, components such as mobilizers require accuracy below one thousandth of a millimeter or even less. Therefore, it is not possible to completely replace cutting with molds.

      The gloss and roughness of molds have made a great leap. However, the mold itself is also made by the machine tool. If the precision of the machine tool making the mold itself cannot pass, the precision of the product will not be high. Therefore, mold experts believe that adopting excellent mold skills is the inevitable trend of fierce competition at present, and it is more important to improve the competitiveness of molds to get used to the market. Actually raising the high precision of the mold is not only the request of the development of the mold industry, but also the heart of the automobile and other industries.